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~~Testimonials for Dr. Natasha

 Although I seemed to have a bad back for years, I did not do anything about it until I was injured at work trying to lift heavy equipment unaided. I was left with 5 bulging discs and a extrusion in my lower back. After going to physical therapy for 2 months with minimal success I was referred to Dr. Smith from a friend. Immediately I was impressed with Dr. Smith’s professionalism and the time she took to thoroughly review my case, diagnose and treat my condition. Having an active lifestyle, I was excited to hopeful return to full function.
 Dr. Smith is truly one of the best healthcare professionals I have had the privilege to know. Originally skeptical, and a little afraid of chiropractors from a previous encounter, I am happy to say that Dr. Smith has restored not only my faith in the profession, but my health as well. The increase in energy and flow of positivity after a single visit sustains during those stressful days. I can’t express how grateful I am to have Dr. Smith in my life. Thank You for everything!


 David Moss
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I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2008. Upon my diagnosis, all doctors I visited told me I would be under medication my entire life. Immediately after I was diagnosed, I was place under methimazole, an antithyroid drug.  A year after I was diagnosed, my doctor recommended a permanent treatment for hyperthyroidism. This treatment known as iodine radiation, involves the destruction of thyroid cells to reduce the production of thyroid hormones. I then thought to myself, "a cure!" I quickly learned, however, that this treatment only would give me another disease to deal with, hypothyroidism. I decided not to get the iodine radiation and just continue on meds. This medication I was taking, however, slowly continued to decrease my thyroid hormone production to the effect that I developed hypothyroidism. This is when I decided, no more meds! My thyroid levels soon began to rise and I was presenting with what doctors call marginal hyperthyroidism. At this point, I was under no medications, and looking for a real cure.

I came to Dr. Smith, on April 2011, looking for an overall state of wellness. Although, I considered myself pretty healthy, at age 24 I was experiencing pain. Pain, I thought, a 24 year old should not be experiencing.  Upon my initial assessment with Dr. Smith, we discussed the likelihood of my spine problems and its potential correlation with my thyroid disease. We began a plan, which included adjustments three times a week, ongoing stretching and lifestyle modifications. Three months and around 24 sessions later, I found out that I was now within the normal limits for all of my thyroid hormone levels. The realization, that something as simple as making sure my organs and glands get the right amount of perfusion and hence nutrients, have provided me with a hope of health and wellness I can carry throughout my life.  

In my overall experience, I can honestly and joyfully say that Dr. Smith is one of the most dedicated, compassionate and caring health care providers I have met and followed with. She has an unconditional desire to help her patients and get to the root cause of any problem. Her motto of "its all about developing new habits", has taught me that no matter what you do or how you are, there is always a way to adjust your habits and make you healthier.  When you are under her care, you will find that she goes the extra mile for each and every one of her patients because she holds true to ultimately really caring about the patient and not the business. I now see life in a better way, thanks to Dr. Smith and her care! Thank you Dr. Smith, you truly are a patient's health provider! Vivian Cantor

Most of us know all doctors are not the same. Doctor Natasha Smith literally saved my quality of life. I suffered from severe headaches. Doctors, hospitals, pain medicine, hundreds of dollars later and still the pain continued. I was introduced to Dr. Smith one time and she immediately identified the area of my concern. Fast forward two months and I am in the wellness phase of my program with her.My quality of life has returned. Thank you

Dr. Natasha Smith for saving my life!

Gerald A. Brown, Miami, Florida

I think that I pulled a muscle in my arm (bicep) and I know for certain that I heard a pop.  The conventional way for me, would have been to go to the ER and get referred to another type of specialist but definitely not a chiropractor.

My wife mentioned the idea of going to see a chiropractor so; I decided to give it a try.  Once I met Dr. Smith and she began to evaluate my issue, she gave no reservations about what we should do and how to do it.

Within a matter of days, I began to feel a tad bit better and Dr. Smith has a way of making you as a patient feel like a priority.  I can remember only a handful of times that I actually had to sit and wait before being seen due the busy time of day and of course many patients to be seen.  Additionally, I cannot remember a time where Dr. Smith hasn't been consistent in her demeanor and presentation.

I am glad to say that my arm is back to 100% and Dr. Smith was instrumental in making sure that it got that way.  I would be a patient in her care at anytime.  Some people wear titles and others are just naturals for their profession.  Dr. Smith is a natural and she hears the concern of the patient first versus what she thinks is best.

Ronald Bradford

Washington, DC

Dr. Smith is one of a kind treasure. I came to see her for treating sciatica during my pregnancy, and thanks to her miraculous hands and 150% dedication, I was pain free in just a few sessions. In fact, I kept seeing Dr. Smith up until she moved to Florida from D.C., because she was of immense help during my entire pregnancy. I highly recommend her to everyone, but especially to pregnant women.

best - Amin